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Privacy Policy

Finishing Touch > Privacy Policy

Finishing Touch values your privacy and as such promises you the following:

1.We will never ask you for or hold any personal details about our customers other than requesting a phone number to call you should there be an issue with your dry cleaning. We hold that number until you collect your goods then it is shredded.
2.Your phone number is never given to a third party. If you do not wish to leave your number that is perfectly acceptable, and you will still receive the same high level of service.
3.We will never ask for personal details on our website other than in relation to your dry cleaning and/or collection of dry cleaning.
4.We do not collect any data relating to our customers.
5.We never pass on any details relating to our customers such as names, emails or phone numbers to a third party.
6.We will never randomly mail shot you or email you with information we consider might be of interest to you.
7.We will only contact you by email or phone if it relates to a query that we might have about an item of clothing you have brought into our shop or a question you have enquired about.
8.We will never hold any financial details relating to you other than a copy of your till receipt as is required by HMRC.
9.We do not gather statistical data for any purposes.
10.We never take money through our website.

A full copy of our Privacy Policy can be obtained via the email below.
Should you have any queries relating to how Finishing Touch manages personal data, their website or any aspect of our business please do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]